2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Cat Eye Computer Eyeglasses Metal Frame Hipster ANDWOOD

      ●    Model:  AR007
      ●    Material: Metal
      ●    Lens: Blue Light Blocking Lens
      ●    Nose Bridge: 0.71 inch / 18 mm
      ●    Lens Width: 2.05 inch / 52 mm
      ●    Arm Width: 5.63 inch / 143 mm
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           1--- As early as 1966, Nell et al. Found that irradiation with blue light can cause damage to retinal cells, leading to decreased vision or even loss of vision. Among them, the short-wave blue light between 400-450 nanometers is the most harmful to the retina.
           2--- At the 2010 annual meeting of the International Light Association, the world's top optical experts unanimously pointed out that short-wave blue light has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retina. Blue light irradiates the retina to generate free radicals, and these free radicals can cause the death of retinal pigment epithelial cells. The death of epithelial cells can cause the lack of nutrients in light-sensitive cells and cause vision damage. These damages are irreversible.

           With the popularity of electronic products, you can not stop using mobile phones, PADs, computers, and televisions. Watch out, blue light is hurting your eyes!

      Recommended population
          Andwood anti-blue light glasses are suitable for use when using LED digital display devices such as televisions, computers, PADs, and mobile phones. However, it is not recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses for a long time in daily life, because blue light blocking lens is yellow tint, things do look a little more yellow with them on, just makes everything a bit softer. Like you're in incandescent lighting rather than fluorescent lighting .

      ▶ Comfortable Nose Pads Design

      Elastic and weight-free features enables you a long-time wearing without fatigue.

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